Esopus 23
(SPRING 2016)


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• Karl Ove Knausgaard on the value of literature (removable pamphlet)
• Archival material from the Museum of Modern Art, New York, introduced by Michelle Elligott
• Film treatments by Hampton Fancher inspired by Esopus subscribers’ suggestions
• One hundred frames from Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed, introduced by John Canemaker 
• Vernacular photographs from the collection of Peter Cohen
• Hinterland Studio’s Raphael van Lierop on creating survivalist video game The Long Dark (with removable 24 x 26" poster)
• George Cochrane’s graphic novel Lost in Music (with contributions from Fiamma Cochrane, Richard Nonas, and William Sutton)
• Commentary on artworks in The Barnes Foundation by guards Joseph Klimczak Jr. and Fantasia Turner 

Long-form artists’ projects by:

Karo Akpokiere (with removable inserts)
Chuck Kelton (with removable insert)
Stefan Kürten (with two gate-folded inserts)
Marilyn Minter (with removable insert)
Mickalene Thomas (with removable insert, die-cuts, and embossing)
Jody Wood (with removable insert)

Audio CD with new music by: 

Kristin Andreassen
The Big Bright
Gabriel Birnbaum
Colin Gilmore
The Kickstand Band
Anthony LaMarca
Jo Lawry
Darren Solomon
Trees Take Ease
Grant Widmer
YC the Cynic

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COVER PHOTOGRAPH: ©Estate of David Gahr