Esopus 21
(Spring 2014)


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Includes artists' projects by Stephen Eichhorn, Penny McCarthy, Thomas Nozkowski, and Leslie Wayne; an essay on the conception and development of the design of the 9/11 memorial by architect Michael Arad; three poems by Chantal Bizzini; a new installment of the "Modern Artifacts" series copresented with the Museum of Modern Art Archives featuring documents related to the never-published second issue of Possibilities (edited by Robert Motherwell and Harold Rosenberg); photographer Dennis Stock's images of the 1954 world premiere of Judy Garland's A Star is Born; the first installment of "Early Works," a new series presenting childhood works by well-known artists and writers, which reproduces pages from science-fiction novels written and illustrated by renowned playwright and filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan in grade school; selections from the late Austrian artist Otto Mühl's sketchbook featuring drawings based on Cézanne paintings; and several perspectives on the African art collective Invisible Borders: an essay by Emmanuel Iduma accompanied by a photographic portfolio; and an audio compilation "mixtape" (available via digital download) of music and sounds curated by Emeka Okereke that relates to the collective's annual road trips.

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