Esopus 16
(Spring 2011)


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Includes artists’ projects by Kathe Burkhart (a removable 32-page booklet); Roland Flexner (18 images printed with metallic ink on 3 foldouts), and Alix Pearlstein (25 photos related to the artist’s performance at Esopus Space in late 2010). The issue also includes facsimile reproductions of never-before-seen mail art sent by the late legendary artist Ray Johnson to artist/optician Robert Warner; one hundred frames from French director Olivier Assayas’s breakout 1994 film Cold Water [L’eau froide] introduced by filmmaker Stacy Cochran; a new installment of “Modern Artifacts” (our regular series co-presented with the Museum of Modern Art Archives) which reproduces archival materials, including a historic radio broadcast related to the opening of the Museum’s new building in 1939; found photographs from artist Scott Daniel Ellison; sticky note art by Bob Irey; new fiction by Katherine J. Lee, and Angus Trumble’s “1417 in Retrospect.” The issue’s CD, featuring music by 13 contemporary composers, was curated by emerging composer/pianist Anthony Cheung, whose illuminating essay about contemporary composition opens the issue.

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